COSI is a non-governmental entity that aims to promote tolerance and inter-cultural dialogue, as well as the social integration of young people and the disadvantaged, by overcoming social exclusion through: coherent social, educational and civic initiatives.

Social activities

COSI supports and assists disadvantaged people in Bucharest and the surrounding areas who face critical situations of marginalization, extreme poverty and social exclusion by providing necessary and highly requested benefits/services (clothing, food, hygiene items, school supplies, building materials , guidance and counseling, etc.) in order to increase a dignified standard of living, reintegration into society and/or the educational system through humanitarian aid actions.

Civic education

COSI aims to develop the awareness of the general population of Romania (especially the NEET youth) regarding the important societal factors that still constitute obstacles to equal rights and the values of non-discrimination according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, promoting: human rights, solidarity , volunteering, active citizenship and inclusion, intercultural acceptance and tolerance; and combating racism and xenophobia, discrimination, social inequality, poverty and exclusion of any kind, through civic/educational activities (events, workshops, seminars, trainings and debates) and awareness campaigns.

Educational initiatives

COSI strives for the introduction of intercultural, non-formal education, to promote critical, open and creative thinking among young Romanians, the development of a sense of belonging to EU values, through international mobility projects, especially within ErasmusPlus and the European Solidarity Corps . Furthermore, our NGO is part of the Romanian NGO 21 Network, among 107 other national entities that aim to include the National Education Policy for Sustainable Development in every educational institution in Romania; and COSI focuses in particular on the UNECE Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development (Batumi, 2016) priority no. 5 – Consolidation of synergies between formal, non-formal and informal education. 

COSI team members conduct non-formal and intercultural educational workshops (and other related events) within and in collaboration with educational institutions in Bucharest (faculties and high schools).


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