Be Cyclist Youth Exchange – 07-15 Nov 2016; Orvelte, Netherlands

The main aim of “Be Cyclist” youth exchange is to raise awareness and create space for learning and sharing experiences among youngsters coming from Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Lithuania.
During this project youngsters discussed and raised awareness on inter-cultural understanding, protective environment, healthy lifestyle.
We used social media tools to promote this project among wide audience, by sharing stories, videos and pictures.
The objectives were:
1. Fostering mutual understanding and inter- cultural learning, thus minimizing stereotypes and prejudices;
2. Learning blogging, graphical designing, video and poster production;
3. Raising awareness on environmental issue;
4. Empowering participants with knowledge and competencies to actively take part in society;
5. Experience education through non-formal methods;
6. To promote Erasmus+ programme opportunities that participants can use in their future;
As an outcome of our project we expect that participants will use the new skills and competences to increase their intercultural sensitivity, become more tolerant and respectful toward other European cultures and become more active in their communities and organizations, make choices for healthy lifestyle and become active in protecting the environment.

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