E+ Youth Exchange Livin’ on a Prayer – Pervolia, Cyprus

🌏 The Livin’ on a Prayer®️ Youth exchange project will bring together 60 young people from 🇪🇸 Spain, 🇮🇹 Italy, 🇬🇷 Greece, 🇧🇬Bulgaria, 🇨🇾 Cyprus and 🇷🇴Romania in Pervolia, Cyprus between 7th and 15th March.

🔎 COSI is looking for 10 Romanian participants (9 young people aged 18-30 and 1 group leader with no age limit) interested in understanding their future career skills, overcoming obstacles and discussing business ideas. The programme will explore topics such as time management, the impact of the internet on decision making, using mental resources, avoiding online pitfalls and stimulating creativity.

⏰ Deadline – 18th February

Info ➡️http://tinyurl.com/muu6mpf5
Application form ➡️ http://tinyurl.com/2we3s3s3

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