“Move On!” Training Course – Leszno, Poland, 27.08 – 03.09 2017

Move On! is an international training course which took place in Leszno, Poland between 27.08 and 03.09, and was implemented with 28 youth workers from 9 different countries – Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia and Italy using non-formal education methods.
Using all participants’ experience and ideas we worked on how to promote inclusion (in work with youth with less opportunities, in particular: migrants, NEET young excluded, poorly socialized).
– Develop and understand the concept of youngsters with disadvantages, understand the reasons behind the concept and its impacts in the society.
– Learn more about fewer opportunities, NEET youngsters, geographical and economical disadvantaged youth and minorities.
– Discuss how to work in order to overcome the challenges of these groups and how to overcome challenges for the society concerning this topic.
With this project, we aimed to raise the quality of work with young people with fewer opportunities, by understanding their needs and working on challenges the society can bring to them.
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