VOCE – The Fascinating Art of Storytelling – Celano, Italy, 2 – 10 April 2017

“VOCE – The Fascinating Art of Storytelling” TC Project which was held in Celano, Italy; between 02 and 10 of April 2017 invited youth workers from various corners of Europe to meet, exchange and develop educational tools using writing, local legends & myths as a source of inspiration and encouragement for young people, calling them to pay attention to the potential of their cultures, surroundings and communities.
For 7 days, 20 youth workers from 6 different countries (10 different partners) from Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania shared personal and professional experiences and analysed the influence of the storytelling and creative writing in the identity of remote local communities. Together, they wrote and rewrote local legends, myths, historical tales, original stories, poems, essays and their own home regions.
We wanted this project to engage both youth workers and European writers and researchers. All came together on the development of promotion storytelling methods for young education. Our main objective is the development of pedagogical tools using local stories, creative writing and different cultures to educate young people about the beauty and potential of their territory, wishing to turn them into active actors of their society.
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