Youth Work in Digital Era through Cutural and Religious Diversity – Gruzdžiai, Lithuania

“Youth Work in Digital Era through Cultural and Religious Diversity” was a seven day training course in Lithuania, Gruzdžiai; with the main aim to train 33 youth workers from different European countries – in the use of digital media tools in youth work, mostly through, photography, video, editing and social media to promote the positive image of cultural diversity focusing on interfaith dialogue. The project also developed participants’ skills in facilitating intercultural dialogue activities for young people. Project objectives: • to promote cultural diversity as a resource for our society and stress its positive sides; • to develop competences of European youth workers, notably in the field of using digital media; • to develop transversal skills of young people by using non-formal learning to develop their digital media skills; • to promote young people’s active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular by encouraging young people to be leaders in their communities; • to promote non-formal education as an appropriate methodology for youth work; • to promote the Erasmus+ Programme as a tool for co-operation and networking. #milzinulizdas #COSI #erasmus+ #youthwork #akmenesocial #newstone #culturaldiversity

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